The Band


Farko cropped

Farko is one of Seattle’s premier bass players.  He’s won the Washington State Blues Society’s Bass Player of the Year award twice, has been featured on KNKX, and has been appeared on the cover of Earshot Jazz Magazine.  The long list of people he’s played with is a who’s who of the Seattle area along with national acts: Michael Shrieve’s Spellbinder, Carlos Santana, Jonny Lang, Roger Fisher(Heart), Lee Oscar, Joe Doria, Danny Godinez Band, James Howard Band, Randy Oxford Band, Brooke Lizotte, Istvan Rez, Jazzukha, Pura Fe, Tetrabox, Acoustic Fantasy, Marriott Brothers, Flowmotion and more.  He teaches bass at Big Star Studios in Snoqualmie with Shane and Dave.

Duende Libre



Dave croppe

Dave owes his shredding chops to a previous job as a legal clerk at Enron.  If you can’t get enough of his blistering solos, be sure to check out a few of his metal projects he’s involved with!  Dave and his wife, Cat, recently moved to Snoqualmie with their son, Jake (who loves Xbox – like, A LOT) just so they could be closer to Shane.

Steve (aka Bucky)

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Buky is one hell of an organ player.  nuf said.  He was nominated for Washington Blues Society’s Keyboard Player of the Year.  He has a golden baritone voice that fantastically rounds out the band’s 3 part harmonies.  He and Joe have been playing together for years, probably even before they played together in Bullet Creek, but historians are a little fuzzy on the details as the cave paintings from that era are incomplete.  He and his wife Renee have 3 white, curly haired dogs in varying sizes – S, M & L.



Shane is a Berklee College of Music grad and is an avid outdoor enthusiast.  He and his rescue dog, Buddy, live in Snoqualmie where he subsists on a diet of fruit stems, seeds, nuts and small rocks.  He also teaches percussion full time at Big Star Studios along with Farko and Dave. (look him up – he’s great!)  When he’s not bathing in a river, walking Buddy, or teaching lessons, you can find him gigging with his other band Quinn and the Together Collective



Mike is a former military musician as a saxophone and bass player.  Dave and Mike were both members of Seattle area top 40 rock cover band Bad Alibi. After that band broke up, Mike took some time off of music to focus on other interests.  Dave was able to talk Mike into dusting off the 5-string and join him in the Joe Slick Band.  After originally joining as a bass player, Mike has moved to Keyboards, and now plays rhythm guitar and busts out the old saxophone for a song or two.