2018 NEWS

We’re all back from the holidays and started rehearsing for 2018 to add new songs.

We also want to welcome Bucky back!!!!  Our first rehearsal as a 6 piece was great!  We’ve got a fuller sound, and we’re back to rich 3 part harmonies again.  Almost time to take this show on the road. . . .

1st Gig with THE FARKO at Little Creek

Thanks to everyone that came out to rock out with Joe and the gang!  We had a blast, played at a new venue for us, partied with some long-time band friends, and got a few of you lovely people to sign our mailing list.  With your help, we’ll be building our show and fan base in the South South end!

Band News

As we say goodbye (for now) to Bucky, we also look ahead to exciting shows we have planned for 2017.

We are proud to announce the addition of Farko Dosumov, one of Seattle’s first-call bassists.  Mike moves from bass over to keys and might pull out his sax every now and then too!